Monday, August 15, 2011

We survived!

We all survived day one of school for Aleksa and Brianna! Yes, we got a call over the weekend that things had been worked out for Aleksa to start school. She went and had a good day! I think she likely finds the routine comfortable, and won't show her difficult behaviors in that area for a while. Instead, she will push more at home to see if we are really going to come back for her after each day of school...

Brianna's day was great too. She went to her first day of inclusion kindergarten and enjoyed it all! She has a sweet friend from church in her class and the two of them are paired as buddies in school. C is a great "match" with her and it's wonderful to know that her parents are also friends of ours and they are a sweet Christian family! I have been praying that God would provide a Christian friend that would help Brianna go the right places but without mothering her. C is doing just that and was excited about being with Brianna.

Tomorrow (tuesday) Lynae starts KAD at the church and wil go with Michael to that. She went on and off last year but this is her first time being enrolled full time (two mornings a week). Now, what will imdo with myself??

Oh yes, I will take James to the GI doctor tomorrow :). He has been REFLUX FREE since coming off Pediasure almost 2 weeks ago! After twenty some days of daily vomitting, 12 without is a miracle :) :). I'm interested to hear what the doctor has to say tomorrow!

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  1. What is James on now? Kaleb is on pediasure since he doesn't eat a lot of regular foods. He also spits up a lot and has upset stomach latley. I'm beginning to wonder if its not the pediasure.