Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Praying for our Teachers

Outside of the difficulties we may have with the "school system," there really are a GREAT group of teachers, aides, support staff, therapists, counselors, principals and assistant principals that really LOVE our kids.  Tonight I am praying a specific prayer for each and every one of the people that will interact with any of my kids this school year.

Father, Thank you for each teacher and staff member and each volunteer that has worked to bring this school year to a start tomorrow.  I am so thankful to You that You have provided Christian teachers and adults in my children's lives to walk beside us and help to educate our children.  Thank you for giving them the loving spirits that they have as they serve in our school system.

Today I ask you specifically to give them a good night's rest tonight so they are able to be at their best tomorrow.  Give them the endurance they need and the encouraging words they will say.  Please help our children to be well rested and to be excited about the year to come.  I ask that you give the teachers that extra dose of understanding and the children an extra dose of calmness as they go about their days tomorrow and the coming weeks.

Most of all, please use the teachers as You would to teach in word and deed the skills that are not just academic, but reach much further into the lives and hearts of the children.  I ask that you bless each person that opens their hearts up to our children to love them and guide them this year. 

I also ask that you be with us, as parents, and help us to help the teachers in any way we can.  Help us to know when to start and know when to stop.  Help us to advocate for our children and to know Your will for their schooling.

Thank you that you have the days worked out and know our needs before we put voice to them.  We love you and entrust these our children and their teachers to you.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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