Monday, August 08, 2011

Wesley 1, Mommy 0

Not too often is a child's success also a parent's failure, but today is a great example of it.

I must admit, I'm not a very good loser, either.

Our 72 hour EEG was set to be 'finished' today at 10am.  At 7am when I walked in to the boys' room to get James and Wesley up (Micah is with Michael getting ear tubes placed this morning), it had been 69 of the LONGEST hours of my life.  I've already explained the restrictions of having to be constantly plugged in to a wall, keeping the other kids away from the equipment, positioning and repositioning the camera, and Wesley's intense dislike for the assembly on his head... but in addition to that, Wesley got this strong 'bug' on day 2 that he wanted it OFF.  When he was laying on the floor, he'd be rubbing his head across the rug to get it off.  We'd stop him.  I literally spent ALL DAY on Saturday staring at him after nap time.

Sunday I stayed home with Wesley and Aleksa and let him have some time on the porch since he hadn't been allowed out there because the only place his cord would reach was DIRECTLY under the swing... not a safe place to be when there are other kids about and I wasn't going to fight that battle with the 6 kids that would want to be swinging.  It would be constant, and inevitably if I turned for a second he'd get run over.

All morning, I monitored.  During the first two nights I woke about every 2 hours overnight, but starting out hourly until about midnight or so, in order to either calm or check on Wesley to be sure he was sleeping and not messing with his head gear.

Last night I spent more of the night in his room than I did sleeping, and Michael went in there quite a bit as well, at least every 2 hours or less... all night long.

At 6:20 Michael got Micah out of bed, dressed, and out the door at 6:40 as I went to the girls' room to get them up (they were awake and playing).  Having not heard from the boys' room, I sat with the girls a few minutes since I'd ignored them pretty much all weekend having to stay with Wesley every moment.  At 6:50 I went to get James and Wesley out of bed.  Wesley was sound asleep.  James had gotten up since hearing me and the girls.

Apparently, my little stealth found his moment of prime opportunity and used it to his advantage.

At 6:50, the EEG 'cap' was laying next to Wesley in his bed.  Yep, Momma FAIL.

I have NO IDEA whether ANY of the EEG is any good, because from about 24 hours in Wesley was intense about wanting it OFF of his head.  All of the leads could have come off a day or so ago and we'd have no way of knowing.  I guess we just wait and see, but I see this as one FAILED venture!

I don't even want to consider the thought of having to repeat this study.  Some "no-no" boards (arm immobilizers) would be a necessity, and he would simply not be able to be laid down.  Because that is when he is pulling at it.  Which means you'd have a 72 hour scan including about 48 hours of fussing, crying, and screaming because he LOVES to GO now that he can...

Did I mention that school starts in just TWO days and I had all kinds of things that needed to get done this weekend that I haven't been able to because this was so much more labor intensive than I'd ever imagined it would be?

*sigh*  See?  I'm not a very good loser in this case...