Friday, August 12, 2011

That thing we call school

Oops... haven't posted yet!

Thank you to those that wrote and said "how'd it go??"  It really is nice to know that some of the 'hits' on the blog and FB are people other than my mother who I talk to every day :)

As far as school goes, we had five kids start this week and they are all really enjoying it so far!

Kristopher has Mrs. R and is very happy in there :).  He's learning and excited to be with friends from Kindergarten and 1st grade.  He is a pretty easy going and self-motivated kid and I'm sure he'll have a great year!

Emma started back in the class she has been in the last 2 years.  She has the same teacher as last year and has had the same aides for 2 years!  Emma does really well in there and was happy to be back on Wednesday.

Wesley started school this week for the first time ever!  He is in Kindergarten, but is in a K-2 class which includes Emma.  His teachers have known him since before he came home throughout our adoption process and he spent a little time in there last year as well at awards programs and class parties with me.  He cried most of the first day, stayed for just a short day on day 2, and did about "80% better" today than his first, according to his teacher :). It will take time to adjust, and next week he'll attend on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

James started back in his PreK class on Wednesday as well!  That class has a new teacher that was previously in Kindergarten, but it is the same two aides as were in there last year.  James is testing the boundaries but in general is doing well.  He's on a blended diet now (casein free) and has not had ANY more episodes of reflux since last Saturday (when he ate yogurt)!  That is 9 consecutive days without even any 'urps' (with the one exception) after 23 consecutive days of James throwing up during dinner EVERY night! YAY~!

Micah started back in his PreK class also.  He is with James and this is his 3rd year in that class.  Micah is also testing and looking for what the rules are going to be, but generally doing fine.  He has been walking much better to and from class too.

Brianna starts school on Monday!  Kindergarteners do testing the first 3 days of school so Brianna went today for just an hour to be tested by her new teacher.  She did well and has now met the teacher 3 times.  She's not being NEARLY as shy as she has been the last 2 years at school!  We also know of one friend from church that will be in class with her.  She's really looking forward to going to school on Monday!

That brings me to Aleksa...  Unfortunately, Aleksa hasn't been able to start school yet.  Her placement needs to be adjusted before she starts and that was no easy task, it seems.  It's nothing "going outside" of her IEP, just that she was placed with an age group and classroom that wouldn't best serve her.  The school staff has been very kind in communicating with me and trying to work things out so she can start as soon as possible.  For now, she's enjoying a few more days with Brianna, Lynae, and I at home. I haven't heard yet whether things have been worked out for her to be able to start on Monday or not.  Typically, she wouldn't attend on Mondays and Fridays anyway, so it may be that she starts later in the week.  Right now, no idea :)  I thought she would be starting today, but it hasn't all been worked out yet.

And Lynae, she'll start the KAD program at church two mornings a week starting Tuesday!

So yes... that means that a two days each week ALL of my kids will go to school in the morning! :)

I have been cautious in posting anything because quite honestly the anxiety that Aleksa's placement (or lack there of) has caused me is a bit overwhelming, and though I know that there was and is no fault involved, it's hard to not let emotions overrule thought when doing my nice little therapeutic typing :).

And there it is, the first 3 days of school for 5 of the Cornish Kids!

Our first day of school!!





The three kids that didn't start school :)



Lynae (with Grandma)


  1. Wow, loved this update - I love following your amazing family! I'm so glad that most of them have transitioned into school well, and that James' reflux seems to be under control! :-) I see in the photo that Emma is standing - is she walking full-time now? The last I heard, she had taken a few steps a while back. I may have missed some posts lately... :-(

  2. Wow.. Whatever will you do with yourself when all of them are at school at the same time??? I bet you will think of a few things! God bless.

  3. Such a beautiful family! I'm so glad James is on the blended diet. It was really life changing for our family when we switched our son to a blended diet. Thanks for all your posts I enjoy reading them and your family is really inspiring!

  4. I am so amazed everytime I see a pix of Emma !
    Wow talk about God's redeptive love !