Wednesday, August 03, 2011

With a side of CALORIES, please!

Tonight's dinner for Wesley, about 3 oz total all mixed together...
fresh advocado
brown rice
extra virgin olive oil
mayonaise with lime
prepared pesto sauce

Dessert... about 3 Tbsp and blended then refrigerated to a pudding texture
sweetened condensed milk
a slice of lemon cake/bread
cream of coconut

And to drink, 8 oz
Strawberry Pediasure
infant oatmeal

Ok my caloric and nutritional friends... what should we add and what should we take out to better "round" Wesley's meals?  He's such a tiny little guy and he eats VERY LITTLE.  Today he ate pretty well, but his portion sizes are still small.  We're trying to get calories in but keep it nutritional.  He's also getting a daily children's multivitamin with extra Vitamin C and a dose of Miralax daily to... keep things moving :)


  1. I heart duocal! :) Doesn't help too much with the nutrition aspect, but it packs calories in!

  2. We were able to find some whole milk powdered. It can be sprinkled in to just about anything to add some calories. We also use half & half, cream and Brown cow yogurt with cream on top!

  3. greek yogurt is a great source of protein

  4. A friend who has to feed her son for similar reasons was advised to also put in butter- and she did. Her infant has some serious catching up to do and this calorie loading has sure helped.


  5. I like to use ground flax seed instead of miralax. It adds extra good fat too. : )