Saturday, August 27, 2011

A little visitor

We have a sweet little visitor at our house this weekend! Little G is 3 and was adted 2 years ago. She also has Ds. Everyone needs an occasional break, and we are blessed to live in a fairly close proximity to this family so that we can help out on occasion. This is G's first weekend visit :)

Brianna and Lynae both want to baby her, since she's the size of Lynae but isn't walking and they see her as a baby. Aleksa is keeping a close eye on her but keeps bringing her toys and wants to make sure she's ok. I think that's from years in orphanages making the "new orphans" feel better about their arrival...

James is surprisingly interested in her, and wants to sit close by her and play his own thing. He hasn't messed with her or otherwise interacted with her, but he sits about 2 inches off her hip and plays :)

Kristopher of course is fine with her, and the rest of the kids haven't really reacted. So far so good :)

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