Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What to say

What to say, what to say...

We've had several goings-on that I haven't yet posted about, mostly because things have been quite busy around here, as you can imagine.  Today is day 11 of school for most of the kids and all of them are adjusting well to their new environments and teachers and schedules.  Of course not without issue, but the kids are doing as well or better than expected in their classes.  Now, if we can just work out the "details" then we can go on with things :).

I wanted to post that I was SO encouraged, and so SURPRISED by the responses to the post about "how do you know me"!  First off, I haven't received many comments lately, so I presumed that not many people really were reading since my posting has been a bit more sporadic here lately.  So the amount of replies on the comments and on FB was a shock.  I also love that many of you posted not just how you originally met us, or found us on the web, but you shared encouraging words with us about how our journeys intertwine or how this blog has been an encouragement to you.  THANK YOU for sharing those precious thoughts with us!

I love to blog and to come back here to ask questions, share triumphs, and just let our children's accomplishments shine for themselves, and I'm honored to know that there are others that are enjoying following along with our family as well.

Short and sweet today, but it's time for me to go pick up 7 kids from school :).

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  1. I found your blog through the NBHSA when you were going over the first time to adopt Aleska. I see you and your beautiful family at Target once in a while. The first time I saw you out I got so excited but felt like a stocker, so I didn't approach you. Another time one of my sons and I met you and your mother on the toy isle at Walmart. I think you were asking his opinion on a toy as a gift.