Saturday, August 06, 2011


NOT loving the EEG.  If it was just a box with leads connected to his head, that'd be one thing.  But, it's not.  It's a box with leads connected to his head, that's then connected to a second (huge, heavy) box, that has a video camera on it, which is connected to a cord which has to be plugged in.  The video portion of this makes it VERY ANNOYING! 

Not just the idea of having your house being 'monitored' for 3 days, but the fact that Wes wants to be DOWN, wants to be rolling and scooting.  ANd the box attached to his head is one thing, but he's now also tethered to a WALL.  We have 8 kids.  No surprise..  That means that I also am constantly having to make sure that the other kids don't mess with the camera and point it where it's not aimed at Wesley anymore.  Or, that he's moved out of the camera field of view.  Or, that they have walked past and touched the camera box at all, and it ends up unplugged.  Our outlets have babyproof swivel covers, and the camera plug doesn't fit very well in them.  

After nap, Mike also noticed that the box that's supposed to say Wesley's name said "data card loose".  Ugh. So, we called tech support and they were very quick to call us back.  The technician said "it's not this, but go ahead and do this just to see if it helps.  Change the batteries."


Hello, we were supposed to change the batteries after 24 hours with the machine.  That would be at about 10:30/11am this morning.  The time was... 2:30. 

Yes, that took care of the problem, though the tech said there IS a "low battery" indicator that would show, so she expects there really is an issue with the data card, and that we'll need to call support back in a little while.  Great.

Now, as if there weren't enough things to grab along with Wesley and transport in order for him to DO anything... we also have a two-box and cord (which isn't allowed to be plugged in to an extension cord...) to deal with.

I will be SO happy when this is finished.  So much for one last relaxing weekend before school starts.

On the other had, prayers are appreciated that the EEG comes back NORMAL, meaning that it does not show seizure activity.  I think Wesley would agree that neither of us are enjoying this experience at all, and the socked fists are further proof that he's not loving (and is trying to remove) his new 'conehead' turban as well...

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  1. nice talking to u this morning hope u all surive the weekend hope the egg come back negitive