Monday, August 08, 2011


What do you know about Casein sensitivities?

From Wikipedia: Casein is often listed as sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate or milk protein.
From Pediasure's website:  Ingredients: Water, Sugar (Sucrose), Corn Maltodextrin, Milk Protein Concentrate,(....)

Personal info: James has been on solely Pediasure since he was 1 year old.  He has spit up only once (not even any 'urps' during the day) since starting him on a blended diet.  The time he spit up, he had yogurt in his drink at lunch, and he spit up at dinner.  BUT, he then sat down and finished his drink (very unusual!).  4 out of 5 days vomit free is probably a record since he started the nightly vomiting!!


  1. I don't know much except that my Wesley is intolerant to it. Every time he has food with milk protein, he always spits up. Even without the milk protein in his diet, he still has reflux, but with it removed from his diet and a daily dose of Prevacid, he rarely spits up now.

  2. Intolerances typically have to do with sugars (such as lactose, which pediasure does not contain) while allergies have to do with proteins (such as casein, which pediasure definitely does contain). I'm 19 years old and was finally diagnosed with a milk allergy (casein allergy) this year, among other allergies. Milk is a digestive allergen, so it would make sense. With milk allergies ALL dairy would need to be removed from his diet. Also, I tested negative for milk allergy when we did my blood tests, but positive when we did the skin prick tests. In other words, skin prick testing is more sensitive/accurate than blood allergy testing.

  3. I know a few kids with it. I'm still not sure if it's different than lactose intolerance, which I have.....