Thursday, August 26, 2010


These are all a few weeks old, the first few are the week before school started!

005 006 008 009  

Everyone’s backpacks full of their school supplies (and overflowing! hence the bags below)


Just too cute, and so big with her sippy cup!  Lynae is now fully weaned (thanks to my 5 days away from home…) and is taking a sippy cup and eating finger foods, crackers, and purees.  My my how time flies!


One of the reasons we decided to buy front loaders as opposed to high-capacity top loaders is because our kids WANT to help and learn to do things.  Brianna has done great emptying the dryer and moving the wash to the dryer.  Such a big helper, and the smile shows how proud of herself she is!

043 044

My sister in law graduated from UCF with her Master’s degree a few weeks ago and we brought a few of the kids out to dinner with them after.  Here’s Brianna dancing with Grandmommy outside of Logan’s

045 046

Congratulations Erin!


Yep, I’m a few weeks late, but James only made it to 3 days of school before he got so sick! So, here are LATE first day of school pictures of the kids that I can post here (James’ pics will be added to his blog soon too!)

061 062 063 066

This goofy face Micah is making is what he does when we ask him to smile.  NO idea… funny little boy :)


Well, here’s a pic of James that I can post bc it isn’t “identifying” :).  This is what I mean when I say that he is leaking pretty bad!  This was about 15 minutes after he ate chocolate Pediasure, and since it’s brown, it’s easy to see what is soaking wet :(.  Only 3 oz every hour and we’re still ending up with all of this coming out through the g-tube sometimes 3-4x/day.  He seems to be staying hydrated ok so we are just trying to keep him clean until we can get the tube ‘fixed’ as best as possible!

 081 082

And this is from this morning.  This Big Bird Sesame Street CD ROM game is very simple!  Emma LOVES it and will play on it for an hour and more, going through ABC’s and numbers and shapes and colors!  We have a touch screen ‘attachment’ (magic touch) for the computer and the LCD monitor is screwed on to the desk.  We use the kids’ booster seats to sit at the computer, and even Lynae is enjoying it!  She will touch Big Bird or the item on the right (this one is colors) and it responds and goes to the next one.  LOVE it!



  1. Poor litte james :( that is rough...
    the kids all look so dang cute !Busy mama! I love the computer screen and game, may have to ask you about that soon. hugs!

  2. Meredith bless your heart. You are such an example to me. Thank you so much. Big hugs to your whole family.