Friday, August 20, 2010

And Lynae

Please pray for Lynae. She's had a few loose stools and now a 101 temp. She was home with me when James was sick and at home... Praying she has something simple like an ear infection or tummy bug and we're not starting this again! :(

Her temp is down with Tylenol, and Mike will check her through the night.


  1. There was just a huge recall on eggs contaminated with salmonella. Do yours eat eggs and are they well cooked?? Just a thought to try and help you solve the mystery. Hugs and prayers for you all for quick healing!!

  2. Meredith, I'm sorry you are going through all of this. Well, the kids are going through it but you too! Can you express while you are there? Even a couple of days of no nursing you can still salvage your supply! Is it just not possible to have Lynae with you for part of the day? So she can nurse? I just worry so about the emotional side of nursing for YOU and HER. I am praying for you ALL!


  3. praying for all of your little ones