Sunday, August 29, 2010


The kids are clean, the garage is clean, the porch is clean, the kids' bedrooms are clean, the family room is clean, the kitchen is clean, it's good to have things CLEAN! :)

That's what I spent the day doing today.

And now, I'm tired :).

If all goes as 'planned', ALL FIVE kids will be going to school in the morning. As of right now, all systems are clear!

James decided that after pooping non stop for a good 12 days, he wouldn't go AT ALL since then. Yes, day 8 with no BM was today. So a warm water enema and... we've had poo up to our armpits (his anyway). Hoping that he works it all out before morning and doesn't gift his teachers with that!

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  1. Oh meredith!I hope EVERYTHING works out:) I am grabbing M's button