Friday, August 27, 2010


My mind is just swimming these days!

I've got several things all going on at the same time and it's hard to focus on one before the next is calling. Of course the forefront is the kids that are sick. James went back to the ped this morning and is CLEARED to return to school! I have a note and everything ;) He has had no symptoms since last Saturday and will go back to school Monday. A blessing and a curse... Glad he's better, hope he doesn't catch anything ELSE! He's only been to school 3 days out of the last 3 weeks...

Micah is seeming a little better but still poop blowouts 2-3x/day so we'll see what the weekend does for him. Lynae is having 1-2 loose stools a day so we're continuing to keep an eye on both of their fluid intake (and output) and make sure that we're not dealing with dehydration.

Interesting tidbit-- When James was in the hospital, they said it's very contagious, etc... and he was on isolation (not like we were leaving the room anyway, but nurses all had to wear the gowns and gloves to come in...). Ok, so then I got the phone call from the health department on Monday afternoon and wouldn't you know, the lady says "we rarely ever see secondary cases of Salmonella." Hmm... ok, then how is it so contagious?? She then said not to worry too much, not to go nuts cleaning, just use good hand washing and she wanted to know what he'd eaten (pediasure and babyfood) and whether he was around exotic animals (nope!) before getting sick. That was it, plain and simple, short and sweet... and the health department really did tell me not to worry about it!

So... of course I didn't listen to the health department! We have chuck-pads for each of the kids to be changed on that we're throwing away if it's soiled at all and getting a clean one at least every day for each of them. Gloves, a separate diaper cream, etc. I have a quart of hand sanitizer on the changing table so nothing, nothing, else is contaminated!! I also have 3 playpens set up in my family room (where the changing table is), along with the baby's swing and the boys' and Lynae's high chairs. They have the TV, some washable toys, and that has been where we've all hung out ALL WEEK. Yes, seriously. Though I don't like to do it, I cannot have them get anything else in the house 'germed up' and we cannot have 6 kids sick!! So, one week of "isolation" at the house and lots of cleaning and Lysoling and hand washing and germ-x, and hopefully we will see the end soon!

Ok, so then today I take James to the ped and leave the 2 that ARE currently pooping at home. I mentioned to the ped that the other two are sick. She says "of course, I'm surprised it's just two." She then went on to say that it's so contagious and he was at home the first 5 days that he had it, so it's almost a given that some of the other kids would catch it. Except that it was the end of the incubation period when Lynae got sick. So maybe it's not that... It is just one of those things that when it gets into the house and the kids are throwing up and having nasty diapers, it's a given that everyone else will get it. But once James was admitted to the hospital, he hasn't been contagious here at the house... which means that L and M could both have virus' or one could have a virus and one could have Salmonella... and if so, M probably also got it from the original source (which she is guessing is school, and she thinks L's might just be a change in diet...)! UGH!

She also said she doesn't need to see L or M unless they're dehydrated and need immediate medical attention, that what we're doing is what they need... keep them hydrated and keep them home (which is why I didn't bring them along). So, I'm guessing that the health department never KNOWS about the secondary cases because if one kid has it, you just assume that's what it is with the rest of everyone and since they don't treat it, you only know about it if they end up in the hospital. And we still have no idea if this is from school or if there IS a secondary case, and we are praying that Brianna doesn't end up with it too since she's still in that class at school, but is not near any of the kids at home (and hasn't been around anyone that is sick in over a week!).

Anyway, our routine continues for Micah and Lynae, but James has been "released to play" today :).

In the midst of the sick kids, I'm planning for this mission trip. I appreciate the tips on clothes and weather in mid-September that were left on the last post! 50-60's is COLD here :) It's in the 100's right now! In fact, I keep the house at 79 most of the day and only turn it down when Michael is coming home since he thinks that's hot LOL! Looks like I'll need to figure out what warmer clothes I own! They are buried away not to be brought out until mid-November around here.

I'm also compiling my dossier and am getting closer and closer! I need to make it up to the property appraiser's office next week to try to get that form redone, but I did get my I-797C, which means that USCIS has our application and will give us an appointment for fingerprinting soon. PLEASE pray that we get a quick appointment and FAST processing! The approval from this is what we are wanting to get before my mission trip so that I can bring it all WITH me to Ukraine in just a few short weeks! It may be improbable, but nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with God! We also need a form from one other person that is being 'held' still. I think that when we ask that it be released... that it will. We are believing God that it will. Your prayers for that situation are very much appreciated! (and no, this is not regarding our families ;) ).

On that note-- Our families!! Our parents are all supportive of our adoption and we are SO BLESSED by their help the last few weeks! Both sets of grandparents have helped with the kids while James was in the hospital and we are so thankful for them and for their willingness and desire to be a part of our children's lives and to help out on our time schedule with the kids! They are some of the people that really make this WORK for our family, having them available to us and our children and having them WANT to be there. They know that our family is our ministry (in addition to our 'outside ministry' and they support us and our family in every way they can. We are SO BLESSED by our parents!!!

And... both have had some time to themselves as well :) Mike's parents are vacationing close-by this week, and my parents leave on Saturday for a week in Montana. Please pray for safe travels for all of them. My older sister is also moving next week from MN to PA. A little closer but not close enough :).

WHEW! Quite the 'dump' post, but now you can see how my mind has been working :) or... not.

And on that note, the school just called that Brianna is 'feeling droopy' and has a 99.4 fever (we don't call that a fever here... hmm....). It's nap time. Hoping that's all it is... Mike is going to pick up all 3 kids and K and E will miss the last 90 minutes of the day. This is getting to the point of ridiculous... *sigh* off to sanitize James' playpen so Brianna can have it!

*** A very happy, very spunky, little 4 yr old girl with a temperature of 97.4 just bounced into my living room and is home from school. She is fine, thankfully. And hopefully no symptoms will show up any time soon. James' playpen is being put away :)***


  1. That must be a typo. I know I do not see "50-60's" being mentioned as what the weather will be while we're in Ukraine, right? RIGHT????
    Having to dig out fall/winter clothes in September is just wrong! lol

  2. Phew!! Sounds like you've had A LOT of stuff going one! Your family certainly didn't need to be sick in the midst of finalizing one adoption, starting another, and planning a missions trip! Can I tap into your energy source? lol!

    I'm trying to pack for Ukraine for September/October but am having a hard time thinking about warm clothes!!