Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things to ponder from the hospital room

  1. Who came up with naming the new "smaller Mic-key" button, Mini (Mickey and Minnie?)
  2. It is either hot or cold in the hospital rooms.
  3. This is not the way I planned to wean (nor the most comfortable way)
  4. Showers must be overrated.
  5. A pack of 24 diapers CAN be used in just over a day.
  6. Green slime can come out of many different orifices (today just one-- but not the nose!).
  7. A 4 yr old boy can be spoiled in a matter of hours and refuse. to. be. put. down. EVER. AGAIN.
  8. I can sleep in a single cot with a wiggly boy for about 5 hours before deciding that I really HAVE to sleep some and putting him in the crib.
  9. That same 4 yr old loves Elmo enough to play the ABC song repeatedly from his new Elmo doll (that he was supposed to get for his birthday but instead was 'revealed' to him on our way to the hospital...) that he will play it nonstop at 3am when I put him in the crib.
  10. Take the warning of wiggling as a foresight into what is to come. (2 BLOWOUT diapers *just* after I laid him back in bed and thankfully not covering anything but the chuck pads provided for that reason.)
  11. Nurses tend not to notice when a child is crying in pain, but when mom goes to the bathroom and they whine, a nurse always comes in (and has no idea I'm in the bathroom)
  12. Two days with no shower while cleaning up poop can be pretty waring all by itself.
Ok, I'm done whining!!

The good things:
  1. The doctors and nurses here are knowledgeable and kind
  2. We were able to see a GI doctor that immediately changed out James' Mic-Key button for one that is MUCH smaller (2.0 down to a 1.5) and FITS. (and yes, it's called a mini!)
  3. James has had IV fluids and has perked up a lot since yesterday even though he's still whining and upset a lot of the day. I would be too with that much poop coming out :(
  4. They have parent trays at this hospital so I haven't had to leave James in order to eat (and the food isn't bad).
  5. They brought in a cot for me and let James sleep with me since he was so fussy.
  6. Right now, James is in the crib and I have had 2 minutes where he's not crying nor is he on my lap. LOVE having him on my lap (it has been great bonding time!) but, a small reprieve is welcome every so often.
Now he's fussing, time to go!


  1. It sounds like James is on the mend, but what a horrible experience! Praying he will recover quickly and you can get out of there! And you are right,it is wonderful bonding time for you both, as hard as it is to be in the hospital! :)

  2. Oh those are so true. I either freeze or roast in the hospital. I didn't think of the mickey, mini thing. We just switched to the mini from the mickey as well. The funny thing, is they are two different brands!

  3. Oh, so sorry you and little James are going through this, Meredith. :-( I hope you can both go home soon.