Friday, August 27, 2010

Girl's night out :)

Tonight my little spunky (not sick) 4 yr old girl and I went and had a girl's night out! Typically Michael gets the 'date nights' since I have a lot of individual time with the kids here at the house, but we wanted to make a point of each of us every week or two taking one kid and just getting out, eating, and doing something to spend time together. Maybe even 2 kids together, but some more individual time outside the house!

Well, James and I got a LOT of that last week :) And this week has been pretty nutty busy! Michael took Kristopher, Brianna, and Emma to church on Sunday and then took them to McDonald's for lunch because I needed him to pick up a prescription in the town north of us (ours was out of stock and the med had 'gone bad' by not being refrigerated when we went to the hospital... they wouldn't refrigerate it because he was in isolation... anyway...). So tonight on his way home from work Michael called and asked if I wanted to take Brianna and get a little time out with just her. Do dinner, do-- whatever-- and he'd take care of the rest of the kids' dinner and bed time. How can you turn that down?

We had a great time tonight! Brianna and I ate at Panera in East Orlando then walked all over the outdoor mall there. We bought onesie t-shirts at Carter's for James so he has something to wear when he starts back at school on Monday (he wore regular t's with the mic-key but now the tube would hang out and it's TOO HOT to be wearing an undershirt-type onesie under his clothes right now!). She helped pick them out (on clearance and on sale on top of that even, not bad!) and carried them to the register. We got her a long sleeved shirt for the fall and a cute little pants and t-shirt for Lynae (of course both of them were on clearance too...).

Then we walked over to Old Navy and looked around for a bit, went to Ross and found some shirts for my trip to Ukraine, and kept going all the way to Target. Of course by this time it was nearly 9pm and her bedtime is 7 usually. She was dragging, but she was loving it :). We looked around at a few things at Target and though this isn't generally something I'd blog about, it was too cute! Having just weaned... I needed bras! So I took her to go try one on, and she was SO insistent on trying one on herself! She just about figured out how to get her shirt off in the dressing room and just cracked me up. Of course there's mirrors all over so I held up a bra for her and she just GRINNED and GRINNED at herself. I said "oh, too big" and that was that, she was happy to have tried it on too! LOL. I REALLY wanted to take a picture, but then thought that surely we would be called out on it for taking photos in a dressing room LOL. So... I didn't... But she had fun girl-shopping with mommy! She then got to pick out a little toy and chose a 'littlest pet shop' set. I hope she enjoys playing with it tomorrow... because by the time she got in the car there was nothing on her mind but... slleeeeepp.... zzzzzzz


  1. This is the first time I've "been over" :) to see your new blog look! And I love it! Your family is so beautiful. Makes me smile. :)

  2. I think that sounds like a good plan - I'm sure it's extremely hard to find time to spend individually with so many very needy kids!

    Sounds like Brianna really enjoyed the attention she got. She sounds so cute. :o)