Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good News!

SO glad to have good news :). It's been a week (or... two...) that we have NEEDED good news!

James' adoption will be finalized on SEPTEMBER 1st!! :) YAY! (Then I can unblur his photo LOL!)

And... I got notification from USCIS that they have our file and that we will receive fingerprint appointments soon!

And... I got our mortgage letter back today and I do believe it is as close to perfect as it will get!

And... Ok, I think that's all, but I was on a roll :)

Sick Kid Updates:
James is feeling better, perked up, and has now had NO bowel movements in 4 days. Not sure that's the swing we were hoping for so hopefully the pendulum will come back to a nice 'normal' soon! Lynae and Micah continue to have several loose diapers/day but are otherwise eating and playing and generally happy. Though they are ready to be FREE and go play (and I am keeping them contained so the entire household doesn't get whatever bug they have... we don't think it's Salmonella based on how it is presenting itself, thank goodness!).


  1. love the pictures on the side.Can't believe E is &!
    Happy to hear good news

  2. That is great!
    I have been praying for you guys!