Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not reflux...

In my tired state I guess I used his reflux as an example of his slow emptying (how long the milk was still 'good' and undigested in the stomach). But issue we're having with James is not reflux, but the TUBE LEAKING. All around it, all the time.

Also, he is not on milk based formula, just straight Pediasure.

THANK YOU for all the replies, though, and I will certainly bring some of those ideas to the ped.

We will probably pump in Pedialyte tonight while he's sleeping and wrap his middle in a diaper (an idea from another friend) to 'contain' the leakage. Then see what happens. The continuous 24 hour feeds are the only thing I can think of but it still seems he'll have continuous 24 hour leakage and eventually, with so much 'forced in' will start spitting some up as well if he isn't able to physically process that much at a time.

Thanks again, sorry I wasn't clear!


  1. our son Isaac had his button removed and for 3 weeks (until surgery0 the hole remained open - so we coped with a lot of leakage.
    Best thing we found wasanew born diaper placed over the hole held in place with tubi grip ( the size for an adult knee goes right round a smal child)
    Isaac stll doesn't drink so we know that fluid requirements given are way more than neccessary ( may be optimum but not necessary - 600ml a day is plenty)
    also you can get higher calorie formulas than pediasure - nutrini energy or fortini is 1.5 calories per ml rather than 1 calorie like pediasure

    you need a very good barrier cream around the button site - we found nothing that was good enough

    also isaac was on drug motilium/domperidone to help speed transit time through stomach

    hope some of this is of use to you

  2. Meredith, this is an odd-ball idea, but not completely unfounded, and I hope not too forward, but... I was just thinking that if you are still lactating, it might be worthwhile feeding james some breastmilk through his tube. Breastmilk contains all kinds of amazing properties that help to build a babies digestive system from scratch with healthy bacteria and antibodies and such. I wouldn't doubt that it would be beneficial for james with having a little system so completely out of whack at the moment. Anyway, there is your crazy idea of the day from your far away northern california crunchy friend. ;) I sure hope your little man starts really feeling better soon, and that that button stops leaking.

  3. You may already be doing this, but I didn't read it. A probiotice would help his stomach start working right and his GI tract as a whole.

    Hope you find a remedy to the leaking soon too!

  4. Totally off topic. But my 8 year old asked me earlier "Why are you reading a blog called Corn Is Had Option Journey?". Too funny!!!