Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bloodwork results

Emma, Brianna, James, and I ventured on down to the lab for bloodwork for the three of them this week. The pediatrician got the results for Emma's and James. Brianna's was ordered by the endocrinologist so her results went directly to that office.

Our pediatrician called me herself on Thursday. That's never a good sign when you're not expecting a call! Emma's tests are all within normal ranges! YAY! And James... were not. Thankfully, his WBC and CBC counts were all fine, but his TSH is well above normal (she told me the range and the actual number... but I didn't catch the numbers!). I will ask soon. Anyway, his T4Free wasn't below normal range but was at the bottom of it.

What does this mean? Basically, his thyroid isn't functioning how it should be. His body is still getting the amount of 'stuff' that it should be to properly function (T4 measures this) but it is low. The TSH measures the "amount of hormone" that has to be sent to the thyroid to get it to produce what it's producing. Basically, the thyroid isn't doing enough with a "normal" amount of hormone, so it's being sent more and more until it makes enough. This means that the thyroid is likely in the process of not working right, and it's probable that soon the thyroid won't be making enough even with the extra hormones being sent.

Make sense? I'm not sure I've described that all that great, but in essence it means that James will probably be medicated with something like "synthroid" (synthetic thyroid) to get his thyroid to produce the right amount. I think. :)

We're waiting for a referral now, and the results of his bloodwork have been sent to the Endocrinologist.

Just to make things interesting, I actually canceled Brianna's Endo appt this coming week because we have appointments at Hope Haven Down Syndrome Clinic this Wednesday and next. Girls first, then the boys! We're looking forward to it! It's always a very informative trip!! :)


  1. My 8 year old twin girls are being watched because of their thyroid issues. They have high TSH levels, but their t4 is okay. They have (and I can't spell this right) hatimoto thyroid disease. Their antibodies are attacking their thyroid and it will eventually stop functioning properly and they will need to take synthroid for hypothyroid. Fortunately it is something that if watched and given medicine once they need it they will be just fine. I have hypothyroid and take the generic form of synthroid (it is so much cheaper)!!! Good luck!

  2. My Bene (who also has DS :)) had her TSH and free t4 levels come back like this a few years back.We were convinced it was just a matter of time before her thyroid would start to "give out". Never has, though, and her levels have been well within normal range every year since. Hope this happens for Micah, too! :)