Saturday, August 14, 2010


Happy Birthday James!!

You're four years old today, and though we only met you 5 months ago, you have certainly blessed us and melded into our family quickly!!

On the day you were born I don't know where we were or what we were doing... I know that we were just about 2 months post-op from Brianna's open heart surgery and finally starting to relax after a 3 week stay in the CVICU after it. Brianna was so tiny and it was just her and Kristopher in our home. In no way would we have been considering adoption at that time or ready for your needs. God knew that and put others in your path to care for you until our family, and you, were ready!

When you were born I'm sure there was much fear in addition to the expectations. Such an early preemie, the doctors were likely all gathered around for your c-section arrival and ready to determine whether or not you would even survive in this world. At just 2 1/2 lbs with see-through skin and not being very reactive, everyone probably held their breath and prayed to see you breathe.

Your rush into this world carries on in your personality today! You are in a hurry to get everywhere and your feet and knees move faster than the rest of you! You tend to be a bit impulsive, but you're also determined! Determined to live from day 1, and determined to do everything else you set your mind on thereafter. We've been blessed to see you so determined to walk and to learn!

There have been many people in your life that have loved you! From the nurses whose hearts I'm sure you stole at the NICU as an infant, to your Momma Ruth that fostered you from 3 months until you came to us, your "Aunt Megan" that helped Momma Ruth, and your night nurses taking turns caring for you.

Momma Ruth shared with me that after you were life-flighted due to pulmonary hypertension issues that someone offered her another child to "fill your bed" in her home. She refused, knowing that you would be coming back home to her and ready to wait for you to be better. Her love for you has been unwaivering!

Now you're coming in to the next adventure in life-- life in your very own family! You'll no longer be called a foster child or 'ward of the state', or even, an orphan. Instead we call you son.

This week signifies not only your 4th birthday, but also the closing of our 90 day period for you to live with us before we can finalize your adoption and give you the greatest gift of love that we can... your new name. We love you, James Hunter Cornish, and we can't wait to see you learn and grow and to share your achievements and love with those special people in your life that gave you the start you needed so that God could orchestrate our lives to meet at such a time as this.

We love you,
Your Mommy and Daddy
and your big brother, your little brother, your two big sisters and your baby sister!

PS. We are waiting on a court date to finalize! :)


  1. Congratulations on getting everything finalized and a big birthday! I hope that he had a happy day!

  2. Happy birthday, James!!

    I hope he's feeling better today. Can't believe how how high that temp got! Wow.

    He's coming into an amazing family.

  3. I came across your blog via Mallory and Peach's. Let me just tell you, you are an AMAZING family! When I saw Monroe I fell in love! I was so happy to hear he had a family, and am even happier now I can follow your journey to him! My youngest of 4 children has Ds, he is 10 months old, and has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I LOVE!! I look forward to following your jouney and you will most definetly be a big part of my prayers!!

  4. Wow, God's plans are amazing!! Happy Birthday!! Congratulations on being able to finalize on paper what you already felt in your heart!!