Saturday, June 20, 2009


I was thinking today about Micah. We've been home from Ukraine for almost 16 months now. And we met Micah when he was about 16.5 months. Granted we didn't get custody of him for another month after that. He was 17.5 months when he left the orphanage for the last time!

In mid-August, right about the time that the kids all start school (13th), we will celebrate that Micah will have spent half his life in our care... and the margin just keeps getting bigger from there :)

Emma's milestones like this will be much broader since she was in an orphanage so much longer, but they are all ones to celebrate. It's a wonderful thing to know that we have KNOWN Micah for half of his life... and he's been in our care almost that long too!


  1. So nice to hear. For us though, that means that Rachel will need to be 22 1/2 before she has been with us as long as she has been without.

  2. Meredith, I was thinking about Kara the other day and how I could not wait until she had been with us longer than she had the orphanage. We have a ways to go with Amanda too. I am always hopeful when we reach that date that some of the lingering orphanage behaviors will fade a little more. I don't expect them to be magically gone forever, but I am praying some will.