Friday, June 12, 2009

Enjoying the R&R

I slept until 8:30 this morning... it was lovely.

And either my sister's couch is better for my hips than my bed at home, or not hoisting and bending all day has given my hips a nice break... because I slept so well without tossing and turning last night and without any of the hip pain I'd been having.

We walked the Mall of America today, shopped a little, and met up with friends at Applebees for dinner. It was nice!

Tomorrow is some consignment shopping (or looking at least) and then on Sunday we'll be visiting with friends again and maybe catching a movie. And sleeping :)

I miss Mike and the kids, but I'm enjoying the break and I know I'll be going home refreshed!!


  1. glad to heard you are re-energizing and filling your cup as well. Love, Mom

  2. Hello! I saw this other blog and thought of you. Perhaps you already know it? Their little girl has DS and CP:

  3. So glad you are getting a little r&r. Much needed I am sure.