Saturday, June 06, 2009

This is it

This is why we bring these kids home. This is why we fundraise for their adoptions (hint hint, Brady's fundraiser ends Monday). This is why we try to advocate. This is it...

This is the institution "our Misha" was at from his transfer until he was adopted by the Malone family just a few months ago. I have to wonder if the girls' orphanage they mention at the bottom of the article is the one that "our Sasha" was in... the one we pleaded to bring her home from...

Read. Understand. PRAY.


  1. I read it yesterday, following the link from the Malones' blog. It's a heartbreaking article. And, I too wonder about the awful it would be for you if "your" Sasha is in such a place! Especially since they are not even allowed the visits from the MTU people! I keep asking myself what I am to do - other than praying of course - to do my little part in helping.

  2. I also read this article yesterday from the Malone's blog. It is really heartbreaking. It makes me feel like I am not doing enough, like I can't do enough. I pray for these children like I have never prayed before. Thank you for all you do through RR, these kids deserve a future, and RR is giving them a chance at one, THANK YOU!