Sunday, June 07, 2009

Is it almost Monday already?

This weekend has flown by!

Saturday Mike's parents spent the day with the boys and Mike and I took the girls with us to the Family Cafe in Orlando. This is an annual "special needs conference" put on by the state of Florida. They even provide help with childcare/hotel stays for those that live further away (I think). We are less than an hour away so we just went over for the day. It's neat to see all the families there interacting and getting information! We went last year with all 4 kids but this year decided to try to go to some of the actual conferences (rather than just the expo hall which we went to last year-- looking for ideas on a wheelchair and van).

Mike attended one about abuse when we first got there (boring but he said it was 'ok' :) ). Then we had lunch and walked through the Expo hall a while. And later on Mike went to a Down syndrome "round table" and I went to a medicaid eligibility conference. Both were good. I talked with the medicaid guy afterward and it sounds like I just need to get a hold of the right person in there because there's no reason our kids should have been denied-- and better yet, they would be able to get coverage on a few things that we're having a hard time doing. Basically, we need to give it one more shot. We'll see if I find the energy to do it again.

Met some great people, some fun stories to share (maybe one day!) and then went by Babies R Us and Carter's on our way home. We decided on carseats for the kids (after being able to really see and feel them!) and I bought some Carter's things on super-clearance (70% off!) that are the very FIRST things I've bought for the new baby :) I think I did pretty darn good waiting 6 months!

Today was a 'lazy day', church, lunch, naps, playtime, dinner, playtime, bed!

Tomorrow's therapy day... now to get the kids to actually SLEEP instead of just laying in bed talking :)

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  1. Hi Meredith!

    I hope you're feeling well and that your family is doing great!

    We got denied for Medicaid too. Can you let me know any new info you got from the gentleman you spoke with at the conference you went to?

    Blessings and hugs from the Loux tribe to the Cornish bunch!