Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More random stuff

It's so nice to have this "summer" break and not have a specific timeline for every day all lined up with school and therapies and doctor's visits and such. On the other hand, it makes blogging more difficult because it's just a lot more random :) But ya know... I kindof like it that way!!

Thanks for all the suggestions for baby seats! I'll be checking out the safety info online, but right now I'm leaning toward getting a Graco 32 for the baby (holds 97% of one year olds and is a carrier) and closer to March we're looking at the Graco Nautilus to replace our two seats that will expire. The Nautilus does NOT require that the vehicle seat back be level with the child's head. The APEX DOES. Thanks Lyndi for looking that up for me!! I look for safety and ease of use in carseats, so 'hidden' things like that which aren't advertised but are big caution statements in their manuals are always good to look for :) Also, thank you Kristin for letting me know that the Graco 32 does in fact have the guides to be used without the base! I think we'll plan on a trip over to Babies R Us in the near future to see one that we can 'play with'. According to the specs, MICAH would still fit in it! Though I'm pretty sure I won't be toting it around as a carrier after the child reaches about 20lbs... Micah's 27 now and definitely more than I'd want to carry. Love that the seat is still useable though so we don't have to buy a separate convertable carseat for just a few more months of being backward facing.

Today we had PT here at the house for Emma and she did pretty good! I also sat down and (finally) made an appointment for Emma to see a good orthopedic doctor. I've been meaning to for a few months, well, pretty much ever since our visit with the not-so-great orthopedic doctor a while back, and finally did so today. The reception person also talked briefly to our PT and will be calling me back next week to arrange a set of x-rays to be done before our appointment in late July.

Aside from just being non-ambulatory, Emma has severe pronation in her feet, a general laxicity in her ligaments all around, knee hyperextension, unknown hip stability (likely better described as instability...), a twist in the lower leg bone between the knee and ankle, unusual ankle alignment and flexation, and apparently a leg-length difference of about 1/2" in her femur. I look forward to having her looked at with someone that not only is highly recommended, but that has a special day of the week set aside for children with special needs so that he has adequate time to spend with each one :). More later... probably after our visit in late July!

We also decided today not to attempt a family reunion that we have been considering. It's in mid-July and happens every year in Pennsylvania. We have always had other big things preventing us from going (well, ever since we found out that they were doing this...) but this is the first year it was really an option for us. Unfortunately, we still won't be going. We'll start planning now for next year, hopefully, though and then we'll have more time to financially prepare for the trip as well as not having Mike's school that he would miss (and that we are paying for still). Also, the baby will be here and 10 months old at that time which is probably a better time to travel. We'll have to find something else closer to home to do as a family this summer if we want a little get-away!

This morning we had some good friends over for a playdate :) Kerry's 5 little ones and my 4 had a good time playing together! I got to snuggle with her youngest, 4 months, and Brianna was in HEAVEN getting to sit and pat his back and tickle his tummy. Such a fun age (both of them LOL)! Emma is very curious about babies but has very few 'gentle' touches in her system. She gets about 2 or 3 gentle pats in on a baby's tummy or head and then it's FULL FORCE after that. I think this has to do with her own sensory needs and the inability for her to process soft touches very well. She's needed very firm touch and pressure since we brought her home and she tends to project that onto others too. She's also pretty sure that no one is supposed to wear socks and wanted to take his off :) . She did really good, though. I always enjoy visiting with this family and it's so nice that the oldest 8 kids will all play nicely together! Each of our kids 'line up' within a year of each other- hers each being a bit older than mine, except Micah and her 4th child are just a few days apart. The babies will be about 7 months apart too!

Tonight we have speech here at the house and maybe a dip in the pool, and tomorrow Emma and Micah go back for eye doctor appointments. Their prescriptions are 1 year old but they had checkups 6 months ago as well. Hopefully their scripts stay the same!!


  1. Meredith,

    If you find that 'hip helpers' would help with Emma's lax hips, I have a pair that I would gladly just mail to you.

    Glad to hear all the updates, today's post sounds much better than your miserable experience at Walmart. My heart went out to you that day! -Sandi

  2. It's brilliant you and Kerry live close! She's lovely (she's a facebook friend). You ALL need to come to England :) I'd love to see all 14 of you!


  3. Lu is funny! Love her!
    So, Meredith, when do you want to go to England!?

    Miles was so exhausted yesterday that he came home and slept 3.5 hours. I had to wake him up! I could tell he was tired, but he never sleeps that long!

    We had so much fun! We look forward to doing it again!