Monday, June 22, 2009

I win!

I love to win. Especially in cases with INSURANCE.

I've been getting bills from Vanderbilt hospital since October when we visited their ER with Emma for the bursting capillaries while we were in Nashville on vacation. Bills of over $1200 in total. Bills our insurance should have covered in full. And didn't.

A few weeks ago I finally gave in after it was sent to collections and I paid the 2 bills from the 2 departments and actually, it freaked me out a bit because I didn't realize there were two bills initially... one was for 1072 and one was for 172. So when I paid one and found a bill for the other I was afraid I'd been scammed. But then I did find out it was two separate bills and each was legit. Not a good way to wake up from a sleepless nap though.

Anyway, I also sent yet ANOTHER notice to insurance saying "pay it!!" after forking out $1200 in bills that *I* didn't really owe.

And guess what I got in the mail today?? Explanation of benefits (EOB's) for 2 charges from Vanderbilt hospital. Paid. In. Full.

Now... how many months do you suppose it will take for me to get back the $1200 that I paid out on those bills??


  1. Good GRIEF! I can't believe it took this long! SO glad you won!!! We didn't have chat tonight did we?! I sent you a message earlier and then forgot to check!

  2. Call them every single day until they pay you.

    Seriously, it may take going to that extreme to get your money back ... and that's a lot of money!!

  3. My goodness! I would call them and ask them for a timeline. I am glad you get it back though! :-)