Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mike's Birthday Party

Mike's parents bought him a kayak for his birthday :)

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My parents gave him a check so he could buy the cross bars for his roof-rack for the kayak and to get a life vest.

And from us... he got two cards and two Heath bars :) 

Ok, really, we have set aside for Mike to replace his very old desktop computer with a new gaming machine.  But it's a 'combo gift' for Father's Day, his birthday, and his graduation- which he finishes his Master's classes for in the end of August!  But he's decided to hold off until he's at least halfway through this last class (he starts the last 8 week course on Monday) before ordering the computer so that he's not tempted to play with it instead of study :)

We were going to have cake and then get in the pool... but the thunder and lightning swayed that decision and we just hung out inside tonight.  I didn't get a pic of the cake, but it wasn't all that exciting.  Just a white cake with white icing and 'confetti' on top.  But it turned out really moist so I guess that beats looks any day! LOL

Tomorrow night we're getting away for a few hours right before bedtime and going to a late dinner and I have no idea what else we'll go do.  This weekend we may go back to Sea World or... Mike might take his new toy down to the river for a little time on his own.  Maybe both-- there are TWO days in a weekend.

Happy Birthday Michael, I love you!


  1. Because your blog is a great one, I have something for you on mine. :)

  2. Sweet present! Ya'll got a river close by? That'll be a fun present to use! And a gaming computer to boot! ( pun intended)