Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pool days...

Micah's getting to be such a TODDLER now!  He's up and walking, FULL of smiles, and though his upper respiratory system has taken a beating here lately, he's just so full of joy that you can't help but smile around him :)

007 017 018

And did I mention mischievous??


He looks so big up and walking around!

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For some reason Brianna hasn't been so thrilled about the pool lately.  So after a time I went and got this lawn chair out and set it up for her away from the activity.  She was really happy with that and still joined in, but just wasn't her usual happy self. Ah... I'm sure we all have days like that!

009 015 021

She did hang out in the little pool a bit- careful to only sit on the SIDE and not get into the water too often.

032 036 038 048

And even if she didn't want to sit in it in the pool, she was proud of herself for getting the swim ring and perched herself up in her dry floaty!

050 052

On the inside of the baby fence, glad she's not being put in the water though


And a pool day isn't complete without some icees... Brianna actually ate hers on her own!  I was surprised (but then realized 1/2 of it was on the pool deck next to her chair LOL)


Kristopher has become so independent in the pool!  He's had some major anxiety around water for good reason- he got into the pool when he was about 2 1/2 while Mike and I were both standing right there.  He walked down the steps into the jacuzzi and when we turned around he was floating in the middle kicking his feet to turn around to get back to the steps.  About caused Mike and I both heart attacks but after a good cough or two he was just fine.  As you can imagine, though, he's been a bit more trepid around the water than most 5 yr olds.

004 065 066

Kristopher loves to play on the steps and even in the deeper area of the jacuzzi with his toys.  He'll get in the big pool as well but prefers his feet on solid ground.

068 072

Michael was melting Micah's icee in the pool and Kristopher thought that sounded like a good idea too...

084 088

Emma just LOVES the water.  Before I had the camera out she and I spent about 30 minutes doing therapy in the pool.  She was floating on her back with little assistance, but then would get bored and thrust her head backward underwater.  She doesn't mind going under, so rather than this be a deterrent to doing that again, she then did it over, and over, and over... Not quite what I had planned.  I did start letting her hold on to me rather than me hold her and she would kick around then let go.  She'd go under for just a second then grab back on and pull herself up again.  I think the pool is going to be great strengthening for her this summer!

005 030 033 035 040 041 

Doesn't she look prissy here?  She really is a dainty little thing at times but most of the time she's more like a bull in the china shop :)  And just to show off her moves, she loves to rest on her crossed legs for a minute or two when she's tired of sitting up!

043 045 047 074

She didn't love the icees... In fact, the next day we had ice cream and she didn't care for that either.  Now that she's doing good with refrigerated coolness we'll have to slowly work up from there.  Plus, she needs a trip to the dentist to make sure her teeth aren't part of the sensitivity issues (I think they are!)

080 083


  1. Such cute pictures!! Can I have an ice pop, too??!! :)

  2. Emma looks so HEALTHY! I remember pictures from being in the pool in the early summer last year and it's barely the same child.

  3. The kids are really growing! They're so cute!

  4. Great pics!!! ALL the kids look wonderful and so grown up. The water looks great too. It hasn't yet gotten warm enough here to set up a pool for our little ones...