Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's about time! Adoption updates!

So many updates that unfortunately will be skipped-- that month with an extra little one and the days since, well... time got away from me. We're glad to have the OLMSTEAD and ADAMSON families home with their children! Also, the LITCHFIELD family is home with their new daughter and the LINDSAY family is home with their daughter as well! :)

We have so many families in Ukraine or about to travel! Now you can see why it's been so busy around here lately!! :) SO MANY families and sets of paperwork that have been done in the past 2 months!

One family is in Kiev ready to come home very soon with their new son!

The family that has been 'stuck' in the system because their son is in an institution is there NOW for their court hearings! UPDATE: They had a successful court decision and are bringing their son home soon!!

Another family, Dad left this morning to return to Ukraine to bring their son home, court is completed and it's just the final paperwork that needs to be finished.

There are FIVE families with SDA appointments in the next few days.. AND... 4 of the families will be within close proximity to get their children (location-wise) so they should all have companions while overseas!

TEN MORE families have their paperwork in Ukraine (or enroute) waiting for it to be submitted or waiting for a travel date. Some of these families have hit 'snags' with needing additional or different documentation or because their child's special needs are not recognized as such by the Ukraine government. Please pray specifically that these dossiers will be pushed through and the families are invited to travel soon!

Our family in Haiti- missionaries now- is doing well and I'm sure appreciate your continued prayers as they live this 'new life' while they await the completion of their son's adoption. They have found that a piece of their adoption which should have been done at the beginning to expedite this point in the process was not done, so their process continues and we pray they are able to minister even moe while there awaiting their son's finalization. What a blessing that they are able to be his parents while they wait for it to be 'official' since he is living with them and has been since they arrived!

One family is in Serbia adopting their little girl right now!

There are several families set to travel in July as well to several different countries.

Please keep all these families covered in prayer!!

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  1. I just wanted you to know that these update posts always make me tear up. It's amazing to see how many lives have been changed through RR.