Monday, June 29, 2009

Our weekend...

Yesterday was one of those days I'd rather just forget happened. I didn't sleep the night before, had gotten 'close' several times then would wake up in pain from my hips and not be able to go back to sleep. Emma woke and clinked her head against the crib for a while then as I'd decided to get up and take care of it, she'd stop. Only to start about 20-30 min later... My stomach was upset, my mind was whizzing, I was in pain, and there was just NO sleep.

No sleep doesn't go well for me now. So I sat in bed while life happened around me, upset and irritable and not the best company. After Kristopher conked heads with Emma while playing with Daddy he decided to come sit with me, though and we built a K'Nex robot that he'd gotten for his birthday. A few more projects with direction and he'll be able to do them alone. This was his first real attempt at it but he loved using the screws and nuts and little wrench and screwdriver to put together something 'real' and have it turn out nice in the end. Still a little above him for some parts, but he really did great.

Mike replaced our disposal yesterday. It's been a year+ since it worked right... and the past 4-6 months we've not used it at all, just cleaned it out occasionally but kept a 'catch basket' over it and pretended it wasn't there. $100 and about 30 minutes after he got home from Lowes we now have a new, working, garbage disposal on our sink. And yes, he took all 4 kids with him to Lowe's. He is a good guy :)

On Saturday I got a few of my "honey do" projects done. Yes, *I* got them done, but that's ok, they're done! :) First we went to NINE stores. Yes, literally. We were looking for a clothes rod to add a second row to a closet, cross-bars for the van roof rack, and a few other little things. Wal-Mart ended up providing us with a re-stock of baby food and some popcorn chicken for lunch. Nothing we were looking for. Target I picked up a pair of cute sneekers for Micah in the next size up marked at 75% off... so they were $3.50, and a beach ball for the pool along with a small milk to mix Micah's bottle. Nothing we were looking for either. Lowes we finally did find a closet bar, brackets, and middle support. Then we went to 2 auto stores, a bike store, a hardware store, Sears' auto dept and we stopped at the library because it was on the way and I'd just finished my last bargain buy book. I got a new book to read-- which because I sat around yesterday is now 3/4 of the way read. I also picked up a Paddington Bear book to read to Kristopher and we borrowed "Underdog" (DVD) which is being returned today. Oh, and a drive through Dairy Queen for some Blizzards and ice cream cups :)

So... afternoon came and we hadn't bought cross bars for the van. Hadn't found a single set actually. Mike used some 2x4s and got the kayak onto the van, though. It worked! For now... I installed the "door stoppers" that latch that I bought 2 months ago and never had the time/energy to install. I also put up the closet rail with some help from Michael. He screwed the 'adjustable' rail in place so that it couldn't resize itself and fall down.

Then, Mike got a trip out on the kayak and enjoyed himself. We'd bought him a life vest on Friday night when we went out- Outdoor World didn't have the cross-beams for the van either... We also picked up a life vest for Kristopher because it's inevitable that one day he'll convince Daddy to put him in the 'luggage' spot of the kayak and take him out on the water.

Today is a "therapy day". Emma's teacher comes for her last ESY class this morning and then E and M both have therapy at the center this afternoon. Emma has a 45 minute PT session and Micah has a 30 minute OT and a 30 minute PT session. Thankfully they overlap by 30 minutes :)

This evening Mike starts his LAST CLASS for his Master's! In 8 weeks he will be FINISHED!! He's so glad to be closing in on being done. SO AM I! :) He'll be done with classes 2-3 weeks before the baby is supposed to arrive. None too soon! Which also means that she will be here in just 10 weeks. WOW. 3/4 of the way there!


  1. Busy weekend. Check out this place on the web for racks and accessories. They have been very helpful for us. Also they have a tubular pad that mounts to the kayak and then we just put the kayak on top of our daughter's car, tie it down and off she goes. I don't see these pads on the website but they make a great backup when not using the regular rack or trailer.


  2. Hi there :)

    I'm curious about what your shopping trips look like. Who rides in the cart, walks, do you take Emma's wheelchair? etc..

    Not sure if you've answered this.