Monday, December 07, 2009

We're home

The list...

Emma has Strep (surprised?)

and Micah has Strep
and Croup
with Stridor
and an ear infection
and possibly pneumonia

nebulizer treatments
and a cream for Emma's poor raw nose.

We'll go back Thursday if Micah's not doing a LOT better, and we'll go in next Fri as soon as they finish the anti's to retest Strep.

fun fun fun...


  1. wow some list hope they get better soon!

  2. Praying everyone gets better soon!! ((HUGS))

  3. oh no, I hope you all get better real soon

  4. Praying for healing for you all.


  5. man that is alot!! poor little ones and poor mommy and daddy.
    I hope you got different anti's.
    praying they feel better soon :(

  6. aww man, that no fun! tis the season unfortunately!! hope the meds work!!

  7. Our 22 month old cannot seem to get healthy either, although it is just a cold, nothing as bad as your household. I will pray that everyone gets well for the holidays.

  8. Oh that stinks, strep is not fun. It's terrible that the virus stores in the tonsils, and just keeps infecting children. What a bugger. Hope they find relief soon.

  9. Oh, my GOODNESS!! Good thing we DIDN'T go to Disney on Friday!!

  10. Thank you for your sweet encouragement. It's hard to be vulnerable sometimes...especially on a public blog :) Thank you for the precious reminder today. I would never, ever even consider walking away from my precious daughter. She's mine and I know the Father will enable us to be great parents to her. Obedience is EVERYTHING to us. You are so right--He has done SOOOOO much already.

    Praying for your precious kiddos--and their parents :)

  11. Poor Micah! Our Tommy always has pneumonia with stridor and it is so scary. The oxygen sat levels for these little boys just gets so low when they are sick. We found pulmicort every four hours in the nebulizer and then albuterol every 6-8 hours worked magic. I can't say enough about pulmicort. Plus a cool air humidifier. I will be thinking about Emma and Micah and praying for some peace and quiet too in your home. Hang in there!

  12. Poor babies and poor mommy! I hope things improve quickly and you are able to find the source of all this strep!

  13. Oh I am sorry for all the sickness! Ugh! Hope you are all healthy SOON!

  14. Oh wow. That is alot. My little guy has been on and off sick since beginning of November. But it is just one and I'm finding that tough.
    Hope everyone gets feeling better and you can get enough rest!!