Thursday, December 10, 2009

More random thoughts

Calling your brother Daddy is cute- after all Micah and Michael sound very similar. Unfortunately people have no idea what she's talking about or think she's confused when they talk to Brianna!

Calling a bib a boob is only cute for a little while. At least it's Micah's bibs that she calls boobs. Not Lynae's-- or the boob part might be more mistakingly appropriate.

Nothing good can come out of chewing on the coffee table. And no, we don't have a dog any more. It was a child. Or two.

On that note, isn't it ironic that I just bought the dog anew bed and new nail clippers? Thankfully I didn't save them for Christmas and she enjoyed them her last few weeks with us!

We have an orinament on the tree that looks like our dog did as a puppy with the date of her first Christmas on it. Kristopher is a strange child and asked if we could write "she's dead" on the bottom of it. I think he's afraid Santa won't be aware and will bring her a gift? Not sure but we did talk Kristopher out of that one.

Emma wants very much to stand up and take a step. Maybe by next year she'll be running around with the other 4. Yikes, I'll have 5 runners next year! At the moment she can't quite figure out the weight shift and balance and strength all at the same time. This girl's got some gumption though, so be watching for that 'first steps' post. I'm sure it's coming soon!!


  1. How exciting about Emma. I just knew she would do it!

  2. parts of this post made me laugh out loud.

  3. love this post.

    Today in the car I told Maia that Sophie couldnt understand her. and Sophie piped up and said "Maia! Nay Ponymayu!" which can only mean that she DID understand. little stinker.

  4. So exciting! I can't wait! I remember B and M's first steps posts!

  5. LOL I love the random thoughts! Thats good stuff.