Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Q&A from the last few days

Oh where's the video of that ???? Sounds very cute!!
No video this time (of Brianna 'disciplining' Micah while he laughed) but thanks for the idea :) LOL

oh my gosh - Brianna is 4 already! wow she is getting so big :)
I have to ask, are the kids riding in the dark?? Is that so they don't get sunburned :) :)
Actually... Brianna will be 4 on January 3rd, but Mike will be in Kenya so we celebrated early :) And it was dusk, maybe 5:15? We went outside while dinner was cooking.

What day was her birthday? Ragan (my oldest) birthday was on the 29th. Looks like a fun day for her. Can you believe how fast they are growing? Kind of sad. B's hair is so long, you did a great job fixing it.
Brianna's birthday is January third, and yes, they grow FAST! I must admit, my sister is the 'braider' and french braided both Brianna's and Emma's hair several times while she was visiting :)

Oh that is so NOT fair. Can I move there too, please??? I am sooooo over the cold weather now. Done with it...but trying to have a good attitude :)
Would LOVE to have you move here Adeye! And anyone else that wants to come... There are even two homes for sale in my neighborhood. What fun it would be to have some neighbors that share our hearts. I love some of my neighbors right now (ok, love ALL your neighbors, but you know what I mean LOL) and many of them I have known since I was 7 and my parents built this house, but what a joy to have another adoptive family w/ kids with Ds in the neighborhood would be!

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