Friday, December 11, 2009

A little shout out...

If you've been reading here long you know the story of our adoption and our intentions to bring home a 5 yr old boy and girl. Sasha was unavailable and we canceled Misha's adoption because another family was going to adopt him. When Misha's family got to Ukraine he'd been transferred to a mental institution and they couldn't swing an adoption from two locations. Another family was traveling soon and stepped up to adopt Misha. He came home in March of this year! His new name is Micah and he's adjusting well to family life but not without its difficulties due to the time he spent in an institution.

Now there's another little girl. One whose story is very much like our Emma's story- a family went over to adopt Emma but did not for reasons of their own. Ruslana has had the same outcome, a family came and met her but for reasons of their own did not bring her home. That was just a few short weeks ago. Ruslana was due to be transferred immediately. Just as God sent us to Emma while we were in country, God had already prepared the hearts of another family to bring Ruslana home!

The Malone family, now momma and papa to Micah (Misha), are adopting Ruslana!

Please take a look at their blog and prayerfully support them on their journey to bring her home! If you can step in for them financially, I know they would appreciate it as well. Their adoption funding HAS TO be done by God alone, they have to raise their entire adoption funding ($20k) in just 2 months...

Saving Ruslana
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