Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Catching up on pictures!

When my sister, Elizabeth was down she handed Brianna her sunglasses in the car, so cute :)



Random pictures of my mom and dad with the kids.  Micah is REALLY a good snuggler :)

DSCN6676 DSCN6674 DSCN6675


Just a baby girl being cute :)



Kristopher with some Indian friends at their Thanksgiving program



Brianna and Micah at their Thanksgiving ‘feasts’.  Yes, drinking bottles/sippy cups and eating crackers.  That’s a feast to them! :)

DSCN6704 DSCN6703


This just cracked me up.  This is a filebox FULL of diapers.  Just enough with a few to spare to get us through 4 days.  Seriously, that’s a LOT of diapers!



Some photos from the car ride up.  The girls were holding hands, so sweet (and it was EMMA’s idea!) and Brianna fell asleep cradling her groovy girl :)

DSCN7021 DSCN7023


Dinner at Applebees with my oldest brother, Bruce and his first time meeting Lynae, Emma, and Micah! And a pic of him with Brianna just because… Kristopher didn’t climb on his lap so he missed the photo string :)

DSCN7025 DSCN7031  DSCN7029 DSCN7030  DSCN7027


Emma got her new glasses yesterday!  Her new Specs4Us are awesome!  She did great with them last night but didn’t make it quite through a full day of school today.  It’s a new script too so a few things to get used to.  I think they’re adorable though :)  Micah’s should be ready on Friday!



  1. I can not believe how big Ms E is getting! The glasses really show her face and personality. Looks like you had fun at Applebee's, we have probably eaten there too :)

  2. Is it just me, or does Bruce look a lot like Counsin George in these pictures?

  3. Its fun watching "blog world" friends' kids grow up. :) I know Lynae and Mabry are close in age but I still can't believe you have another baby and that she's already that big. :) And I agree with the first comment... that last picture really shows how big Emma's getting.

    Lastly... LOVE the picture of E and B holding hands. Too sweet.

  4. Emma looks absolutely adorable in those specs :) Precious.

    The pics are ALL so amazing, Meredith. So glad you had such a fabulous time away.

  5. Oh Wow I haven't blogged in a long time. I can't believe how much the kiddos have grown!! They all look happy and cute!!

  6. Wow, they are all so adorable and sooo growing up. Love Miss Em's Specs :)