Friday, December 11, 2009

Micah and Brianna

Today I have 3 kids home since there's no prek on Friday for my 2. Brianna is usually good to play in any room of the house without making too much trouble. Sometimes she gets out toys and doesn't want to put them away, but that's about it. Oh, and books. She's notorious for emptying our book bins. But I like that she'll sit and look at all the books once she did that so it doesn't bother me so much. And she'll help clean those up.

This morning I got sidetracked from household stuff because I received some paperwork I've been waiting a few weeks on from Ukraine. I needed to set up documents for 4 of our families and one family that's ALL we were still waiting on. So while I did that Brianna played in the living room. Then she went into her bedroom.

I was a little late when I looked in her room and noticed that out of the 4 dressers in the room, 2 were empty from her height on down... and there was a mountain of shorts, pants, and capris on the floor! Oh my I thought... and I checked into the living room. Just as I'd suspected, all the clothes (3 loads worth) that I'd sorted last night lay in one big heap on the floor. No longer sorted or folded. So much for everything I did get done yesterday.

So this morning I've re-sorted, re-folded, and re-put-away a LOT of clothes. Oh, and I've re-decorated half the Christmas tree too. So much for not getting into things? I guess she wasn't happy I'd told her the playroom was too cold? She did get "her way" eventually and Micah and Brianna are both having a good time out there now!


A few days ago when we decorated our Christmas tree we tried to make it a 'family affair' but knew better than to bring Emma and Micah in to sit there or to encourage them to touch the tree for this half hour and never again. So I opened the door from the playroom to the living room and we could see them- they could see us- and Mike, K, B, and I began to decorate the tree. Lynae was sleeping :).

Micah decided to come check us out and watched for just a minute. Then he went over to the pile of ornaments Brianna was picking from, picked up an ornament, and went and set it on the tree branches! Who'd have thought? What a smart little cookie! So Micah ended up helping us decorate the tree too :)


  1. wow I feel so bad that I tied you up so much on Friday!! you know what they say about a house that is quiet! way to go micah!

  2. Oh the empty dresser drawers! That's one of Wes's favorite tasks. He likes to empty clean clothes into the dirty laundry hamper. Sometimes he tries them on first. Nice practice! If it gets really bad, I suggest moving the dresser into a locked closet....that's what I had to do for a while!