Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More conversations with Kristopher

We were listening to Christmas music in the car and one of the songs has John 3:16 in it. So I turned off the radio for a minute to take that teaching moment and once again work on Kristopher memorizing the verse. We copied through the verse once then I sang him a children's song version of the verse. We talked about what it means. Then, he responded.

"Mom, God made our heads out of rocks that he covered with heads, that's why they're round. How did God make rocks? How about sand? How'd he make that? Oh, can you turn the music back on?"

I know he hears me :) And I love the thought process of a 5 yr old boy! LOL


  1. LOL- I love 5 year conversations, especially 5 year old BOY conversations. I can only say that as they get older, the conversations get more entertaining and more confusing :)