Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Loux Family... prayer request

From the beginning of our time in Ukraine we were made aware of a family who was coming to adopt the little Misha. They were a family that saw so many obstacles in their process and continued to overcome them, but they were the real reason that I ever saw a need in the Ukraine program and stepped in to Reece's Rainbow. The Loux family completed their adoption and brought home three sons all with special needs. They almost simultaneously adopted 2 girls from the Marshall Islands. This family of faith and with the biggest heart for the orphan that I have ever met... has met today with tragedy.

Derek Loux, when driving home from a conference to learn about combating child trafficking, died in a car accident when his vehicle hit black ice.

Renee (his wife) and their ten children along with his brother John and wife Tracie and family are now mourning the loss of their husband, brother, father... and we mourn the loss of a wonderful friend and advocate.

Please be in prayer for the Loux family. This kind of loss is difficult any time of year, but two days before Christmas is so much harder...


  1. Oh my! Praying for all invovled!

  2. Wow. That is just so sad. Hugs to all.

  3. My heart is aching for them. There are no words.

  4. I can't fathom this kind of shock and pain. Reading through their blog, it was clear what a phenomenal man and father he was... wow. Tears and prayers, and more prayers.