Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas and the festivities leading up to it were a lot of fun! I hope you had a blessed celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ!!

On Christmas eve we let the kids exchange small gifts that they'd bought for each other. Kristopher earned 1/2 of his Christmas 'buying power' for the kids and he and I went shopping last week to pick things out for them. He even wrapped them all himself! Then we went to Mike's parents' house in the afternoon and had a big family dinner together. Afterward we went to church... which was an experience. In a 45 minute service we managed to have one kid spit up ALL over and another kid load their diaper (twice!). And Emma kept periodically yelling throughout. But we made it through! I hate to feel that way about church, but with 5 kids and 4 adults (Mike's parents were with us some of the time) it really did work out ok.

Christmas morning my sister was here for a short time. Lynae started SCREAMING while I was getting dressed- No idea why! So Elizabeth got up whether she really had wanted to or not :) The kids discovered that Santa had come and we had a relaxed morning exchanging gifts for one another and seeing if Santa brought what each of the kids asked for. This was Micah and Emma's 2nd Christmas with us, but the first year they really enjoyed opening gifts. Micah was still somewhat off in his own little land, but he would try and wanted to see what was in them if we were with him.

Of course this is Lynae's first Christmas and after that initial screaming fit she had a great day! She st with each of us, laid on a blanket to see what was happening around her, and loves the Christmas lights :) She did like the gifts she received too, which is always nice. And the good thing about big brothers and sisters is that they will 'restart' the music on a toy!

In the late morning we went to my parents' house and celebrated with five other bro/sis/sis in law, an aunt and two uncles! It was the most people to be home at Christmas in a long time! My one uncle wasn't feeling well so we did miss seeing him for Christmas. We all had a nice time visiting together, the kids playing with toys, the adults hanging out and talking, and Micah even got a nice long nap!

Unfortunately, yesterday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and was careful not to share any germs throughout the day. Today I am achy and still have a sore throat, but DayQuil is a wonderful thing and I'm doing ok now that it's had some time to set in.

We had a blessed Christmas filled with family and friends! Eventually I'll get some photos up, but for now I'd rather enjoy my kids anad husband this beautiful Saturday! (Maybe at nap time :) ).

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