Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Alive and well

Micah's fever broke last night- well, the high one anyway. He was running 103-104 even with Tylenol so we added in Motrin and finally overnight came down to about 102. He's still in the 100-102 range with meds but that's MUCH better! He's also breathing easier and has eaten breakfast and lunch today (bottles, but hey, I'll take that). He didn't drink more than 4 oz all day yesterday and that was thickened liquid because he aspirates thin...

Emma is back to her good cheery self and her runny nose has stopped so her nose is healing where it was just raw from her picking at it and being wiped.

Brianna stood by the door for 5 minutes while everyone was getting ready to leave this morning to make sure she wasn't being left home. She enjoys school and I'm SO glad she does! Yesterday wasn't so much fun for her around the house because Emma and Micah were sick so she wasn't allowed to play with them. All the kids pretty much watched movies for the day :) Awful parenting, I know. But would I rather them infect each other? Nope! Movies it was!

A wonderful friend called out of the blue yesterday and asked if she could bring us dinner tonight, not knowing that our home was all sick. She dropped it by already and I'm so thankful for God's provision of even the little things for us all. A home-cooked meal and all I have to do is put iti n the oven. Thanks Lorna and family!! I hope we can all get WELL and have a play-date soon :)

Today I'm cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Getting rid of all the germs and putting away a lot of toys and getting rid of others. Seems like we do this every month or two, but it's necessary! The kids slowly get more toys out and we have to go back and start putting the ones that aren't getting played with away. And no better time than when I'm already Lysoling everything to get rid of the germs anyway :)

This Friday is Mike's graduation banquet for his Master's degree. Yes, he finished classes in August... but commencement isn't until the 19th of December :) So dinner on Friday it is.

Saturday Mike's going kayaking for the first time with a group since he got the kayak in June. I know he's glad to get out in it again too as it's been probably 3 months since he's been out at all... hmm... that correlates with something else that happened in our lives doesn't it? (Lynae was born LOL). AND, Saturday two of the kids may be going to a breakfast with Santa with Mike's parents. AND, Saturday is another Special Olympics Young Athletes meeting. Mike won't be back yet, but we may try to go anyway. There's a reporter that will be there and we've been asked to be interviewed (at another time, not Saturday) if we can make it on Saturday they're doing pictures. I'm sure they'd like to have a good turnout for the photo day. AND, Saturday is the Christmas parade! Emma has been asked to ride on the church's "diversity float" in her wheelchair. I think that's awesome since it shows the church is not only saying sure, we'll deal with having your kids here... but they're actually inviting other children with differences to be a part :) A step in the right direction!

Sunday... we have Mike's extended family all coming for a pre-Christmas party. Busy weekend? I think so! So, sick kids or not, I have to have the house ready for a lot of company before Friday afternoon or it won't be happening :)

Next week is the last week before school gets out for Christmas, so there's of course Christmas parties and Kristopher has a field trip on Wednesday. (and that's my Sister-in-law's birthday!) We also are going to Mike's graduation (some of us) down in Palm Beach that weekend.

Back to the little ones, time for naps :) Then back to cleaning!

THANK YOU for praying for Micah and Emma yesterday. They are well on the mend and Emma will go back to school tomorrow. I'll keep Micah home tomorrow and we'll see how it goes after that. GOd is good!!


  1. Thank goodness for movies on sick days! Okay - I said it! I am so glad that your little crew is finally getting better. I hate those high high fevers! Take care - you are always so busy!

  2. SO GLAD to hear Micah is doing better! I hope you are all able to get some rest and continue to mend.

  3. I feel for you having to do all the cleaning every day. We had the same only we were not getting rid of germs, we were getting rid of pet dander! More than two weeks of DAILY hoovering in every nook and cranny and wiping down the WALLS and surfaces, taking every book off the shelf and cleaning the shelf AND the books! Washing all our clothing every day even if it is clean just in case pet dander got on it.

    Was all this necessary? Absolutely, finally after more than two weeks of it she was able to sleep at night without her breathing being disrupted and her skin and scalp itching like mad.

    We seemed to hold up during the time we were having to do it but the first few days after we realised how hard we'd been working and just were near collapse.

    Anyway, hope it all goes well for you.