Monday, December 07, 2009

And the SICK comes around again...

We have had just one bout after another of sickness here lately :( Starting in August (a week or so into school...) Emma and Micah have had Strep 3 times, and Brianna at least one of those... she wasn't tested the other 2 times.

Emma and Micah finished antibiotics up last Monday. Today I was going to bring the kids to the doctor to be tested for Strep to see if they still test positive after a 10 day antibiotic regimen. Maybe one's a carrier...

Saturday Emma woke up with her face plastered in green snot. And with little bumps on her face. Just like the ones she has when she's been dx'd with strep two of the times.

At 5am we woke to Micah crying and struggling to breathe. After a nebulizer treatment, tylenol (101 fever to go with it), a nasal aspiration, and of course a clean diaper since he's had diarrhea since going ON the antibiotic 17 days ago... he's now sleeping loudly in the playpen curled up on his Boppy pillow.

So today we'd already planned on a doctor's visit, but we really thought it'd be a well visit...

Micah really isn't in good shape and I'm hoping he's ok to keep treating at home and doesn't need to be admitted to the hospital. Yeah, he sounds that bad. Since he's sleeping and breathing ok now we didn't take him to the ER, but it's definitely been a thought. Especially knowing the dr's office doesn't open for another 2 hours... it's not completely out yet.

Brianna, however, seems to be fine. I say this without her being awake for the day yet, so here's hoping that doesn't change when she gets up.

Please pray for the kids, it's so hard on them being sick so much. Physically they feel awful and it also gets them off their routines with school and makes a lot of other things difficult as well. And honestly, I'm SO TIRED of having to go to the doctor's and of administering antibiotics and of sterilizing my house... and... and... and. I'm done. We need to figure this out NOW. Not wait for them to get sick another 3x. My guess is the antibiotics aren't wiping out the Strep all the way. Or we have a carrier. But if it's NOT one of my kids, then they're getting it at school and that's a whole new issue. There's non way that it's just random that the kids have all been sick THIS MUCH!


  1. Meredith

    Just an FYI.

    Another thing to be concerned about it---strep is very bad for children with a heart condition. If left untreated (although I know this is not the case--just keeps returning) it can turn into endocarditis (inflamation of the tissues in the heart & usually involves the heart valves).

    Whenever our 6 year-old has had it ours doctors ALWAYS buts our children with repaired heart conditions on the same antibiotics, just as a precation- such it is so dangerous for heart kids.

    Hope you have a better day and that the little ones get healthy soon (know how it feels to constantly be giving meds and sanitizing the house).

    GOD Bless, Angelique

  2. I'm awake and mobile you need help/ Mom

  3. Thinking of you and praying for the kids and that you can get this figured out! {{{HUGS}}} Meredith!!!

  4. Ugh. I know you will be so glad when this is over!

  5. OH NO!!! I am so sorry!!! Oh there is nothing worse than having a household of sick kids! No fun at all. Praying for you all right now. That everyone will be healed, in the name of Jesus!