Monday, October 01, 2012

And the coming week will bring…

I really thought that September was our BUSY month as far as doctor’s appointments go with our kids.  I’d put off all of our late July and August appointments including surgeries until this past month when I knew I’d be feeling better and able to get around with all the kids after c-section recovery.

Now, I’m not so sure that October will be any better!

This week we have 3 kids getting flu shots, 2 kids going to the dentist, and our regular 10 therapy appointments on Thursday.

Next week we have 3 kids with well visit appointments and 2 will get flu shots at that time (Delaina won’t get a flu shot), and another 3 kids getting flu shots, then 2 going to the cardiologist and 8 of our 10 regular therapy appointments as well!

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