Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Dropping like flies

We now have 8 children on antibiotics and one husband.  Strep and pneumonia, and a very tired momma :).

Delaina and I are the only ones that aren't being treated, and I'm trying REALLY hard to keep her from being exposed too much!  She's still young enough that we were told she would need to be hospitalized if she got strep.  Keeping her either in another room (where she cries) or in the sling (mostly covered from the other kids and not out of my reach!) all day long!  If she wasn't spoiled before... (ha! she was!) then she will be now!  Oh well, such is the price we pay for health, or what I hope turns out to be keeping her healthy :).

Today was Delaina's well visit and she is 10 weeks old and weighs 9.6lbs.  On the tiny side, but growing well in length (22.5") and otherwise on target developmentally.

We also got current weights on ALL of the other kids except Wesley in the last 48 hours (Wesley was already on antibiotics for H. Pylori-- his third treatment, it doesn't want to go away!-- so we didn't worry about swabbing him for strep since it's the same treatment as he's already on).
Aleksa: 55 lbs
Emma: 42 lbs
Kristopher: 50 lbs
Brianna: 32 lbs
James: 30 lbs
Micah: 34 lbs
Lynae: um.... I forget! Hmm... She's under 30, though... probably about 27? She was yesterday!

And just for fun, a few pictures of the one that is growing the fastest around here:

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