Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chronicles of a Sleepless Night

You might notice this is being published at 2:50am... and no it wasn't a scheduled post.

I'm awake and impressed to ask a specific prayer request from those of you who pray.

Please pray against C-diff for my children!  I strongly feel we need prayer covering and to ask this SPECIFICALLY.  Thank you!

The Story: my daughter that has been toilet trained for BM's since 14 months because of a mixture of chronic constipation (making it easier to know she needed to go) and not liking "icky" in her diaper, woke in screams about 30 minutes ago because she had the worst upset bowel in the history of man.  This is evidenced by the condition of her Tangled bed sheets which, by her description, "are icky all over, Mommy."  I'm glad we haven't pushed the issue of wearing underwear overnight because I was VERY thankful to peel the pull up from her and shower her while putting all sheets, dolls, and pajamas directly in the wash on a "heavy duty" cycle... to be followed by a "sanitize" cycle in the morning.

Yes, it was that bad.

She is back in bed after telling me a wonderful story about her long hair and getting a 2:30am shower, bed disinfecting (Thank God for plastic mattress covers!), and new sheets.

I have washed my hands up to my elbow at least 20 times in the last hour and made a trip out to the outside trash cans with any evidence of our predicament.

I was also awake to check temperatures on our two with fevers and find them BOTH in the 97 range-- thankful for that!  And I was awake to do a wonderful 2:40 breathing treatment for my wheezy little boy :(.

Now it's time for bed again, but PLEASE PRAY against c-diff for our children!  Though ANY antibiotic can cause c-diff, the one that they are on "Classically" is known to cause c-diff as the most common serious side effect of treatment.  And FIVE of the children are on that medication.  Our pediatrician warned us... but tonight was a harsh reminder of what c-diff could look like.  And I don't like the smell of it.


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  1. i have a question. what exactly is c-diff? what does it do? and why is it so bad?