Saturday, September 29, 2012

How surgery day #2 went

Friday was definitely a lot smoother of a day then Thursday, but apparently we can't have a day without mishap!

My 4:45 wakeup call and getting Wesley and Delaina out the door went smoothly and the drive up to Arnold Palmer was fine.  Dr. Lesher is one of the doctors that was working on Wesley and she came up to me as we were signing in downstairs and said hello, then she held the elevator for us and talked to Wesley on our way up to surgical waiting.  Wesley hadn't been very happy about being there.  He knew what was coming!  After a little chat with Dr. Lesher, he was much calmer and happier then he had been before!

Unfortunately, the doctors didn't order a pre-med and when it was time to take him back, he screamed and freaked out.  I will make sure to ask in the future for a pre med so he can relax a little before going back.  In the past he's always had it, but I didn't know that it hadn't been ordered this time until they were already there to take him back :(.

I sat and talked with a mom of a little boy with CP and another dad of a boy with CP while we waited.  I also met a woman whose son is 16 and was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.   Please pray for K, her son, for God's will and that he would have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!  I don't know if they are Christians but I can't imagine tackling that without the knowledge of salvation.

Wesley did great in surgery but was inconsolable afterward.  He was screaming and thrashing around when Delaina and I were allowed to go back to him.  The nurse seemed to think she should be helping me more because I had a screaming 8 week old along with a screaming 7 year old, however despite the cries, both were just fine.  The worst pain for Wesley was just having been intubated.  He was simply MAD, and Delaina was crying because Wesley was!  With that knowledge, I reminded her that babies don't die from crying, and we were just fine.  Of course it's not fun for either of them or me, but I didn't expect her to go out of her way to help when there really wasn't any type of emergency situation going on.  No one was hurting, just mad and scared, and being held by a stranger (with God knows what on their scrubs!) wasn't going to solve those problems :).

We were released just before lunch and grabbed food then went to a park to eat.  Afterward we drove home!  Uneventful for us, which is always good!

Unfortunately, I got a call from our babysitter that our microwave/ oven hood was dead.  And, one of the kids had had a moment of bad choices that landed her in her room for a while.

So, despite the day going well, we still had an appliance break down at home.  I think it has been something every day since Sunday!  Thankfully, the week is almost over.  And so far, today has gone without incident! :)

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