Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hospital time

Well, last night did it.  James' respiratory rate was high (62), heart rate was high (150's), and oxygen saturation was low (80), and the nebulizer treatment wasn't helping.  He was also retracting pretty strongly when he breathed, so... in he went.  He was admitted to the PICU at our children's hospital and is still hanging out there.

Now that he's in the hospital, he spent the night last night with mask oxygen at 5 liters, and today went down to 1.5 liters and is holding in the upper 80's and low 90's for his sats.  His respiratory rate is better, but still high (33), and his heart rate is the same (resting rate of 150).

Looks like he's going to camp there for a little bit.  Please pray for James, that he would be able to kick this quickly!  He's been diagnosed with viral pneumonia and has inflammation in both lungs.  Hopefully he'll be moved to a floor tomorrow!

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