Thursday, October 11, 2012

A fresh start

My house smells like Lavender, a good smell... a pretty smell... now if only that wasn't because I used a half a can of lavender scented Lysol to sterilize the house... :)

It's a brand new day, the kids shouldn't be contagious any more with Strep, however Michael still has another 5 days that the pneumonia *could* still be contagious, and James is still coughing and could be on the edge of pneumonia, so we won't be taking any chances with those two!

Time to get outside to the fresh air at the play set, finish sterilizing the house, wash all the kids' sheets and replace their toothbrushes, then get back to the regular routine of things around here... minus Michael!  I have chicken noodle soup in the crock pot and a full day ahead.

Tomorrow starts a 3 day weekend for us because Kristopher is out of school :)  A HEALTHY weekend I hope!!

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