Monday, October 29, 2012

It's almost NOVEMBER!

I'm so excited that it's almost November!  Why? Because October has stunk.  Seriously, we haven't had a SINGLE DAY in October without someone being sick!

October 1- Mike started getting sick (he had pneumonia, diagnosed on the 7th, and was out of commission about 11 days)
October 6- James started feeling really sick
October 8- James and Lynae were diagnosed with strep
October 9th- Kristopher, and Aleksa were diagnosed with strep and Brianna and Emma also had symptoms starting.  Micah was treated since almost everyone else had it.  Delaina avoided it though!
October 15- James diagnosed with pneumonia then hospitalized for 4 days in the PICU with respiratory distress.
October 22- Aleksa and Micah diagnosed with pneumonia AND Aleksa, Micah, Brianna, Lynae, and Emma all diagnosed with strep (AGAIN!).

Here we are October 29th and Aleksa had a temp of 105.4 (but it quickly came down with a tepid bath and meds!) on Friday night, Micah now has a thick runny nose, James started running a fever last night (again!) and has had loose bowels, Lynae ran a fever tonight for the FIRST time and has a bit of a cough, Wesley and Emma over the last 3 days or so have had up to a 100.0 temperature and have seemed "off" at times, but otherwise 'normal'.  Several of the kids have loose bowels that I was told to generally just 'expect' based on the very strong antibiotic that they are now on (James is not one of them, hence his being more unusual).

I'm SOOOO ready for all of this to be over, and I'm praying that NOVEMBER 1st, we will ALL be healthy in this house!!

Random facts:

  • October 1 Michael got sick, and October 31 5 of the kids will finish this last (hopefully!!) round of antibiotics.
  • Delaina and I are the only ones that haven't been on antibiotics this month.
  • James finished his antibiotic regimen on Saturday and started with a fever on Sunday after 19 days on antibiotics.
  • Wesley was never tested for strep because he was already on 2 different antibiotics for H. Pylori (a stomach issue from his time in the orphanage which was identified for the third time during his g-tube procedure).
  • Michael, Kristopher, and Lynae all are on the same church campus for work/school/mom's morning out and that's likely where it originated since the other 6 kids are homeschooled and not really out to pick up germs, but who knows!
  • In total, our pharmacies filled 29 bottles (one was pills) of antibiotics this month between 9 of our family members (some of those 'bottles' are because the liquid course required more than one bottle for one child to finish a 10 day regimen).
  • We visited our pediatrician's office 3 consecutive Mondays with new issues, new diagnosis, and new regimens for treatment.  Two of those visits were for almost all (or all) of the kids.

Here's to a HEALTHY NOVEMBER!!!!!!

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