Thursday, October 18, 2012

The long Thursday

First, a James update:  James had a better day today. He didn't run a fever at all today (YAY!) and he had a little time without oxygen, but he didn't sustain and ended up being put back on O2. He had a nice BLOWOUT of his diaper, and while he was upset and such his sats were decent without the oxygen. Now he's dropping down as he's settling down for the night and he's likely going to need to be put back on oxygen. There's hope that he's improving, though! He has been back in good spirits today, though, which is great.

Then, what the day looked like for the other 9 Cornishes
6am- I woke up and got myself going, fed Delaina and put her back down to sleep
6:30- wake up kids, start them dressing and toileting
7:00- breakfast
7:15- shoes, meds, teeth brushed
7:30-Delaina up, dressed, and diapered
7:40- head out to the car
8:05- pull up at the church and unload
8:15- look around at the school book fair and pick out a few books
8:35- drop Lynae off at KAD at the church
9:00- eat McD's breakfast (me!) at the park in the car
9:30- arrive at therapy center and bring everyone to the restroom
9:50- head outside to stand in the parking lot because there's about to be a fire drill that we don't want to be a part of!
10:10- go back inside and start first OT session
10:30- start second OT session and first PT session
11- start 3rd OT and 2nd PT
11:30- start 4th OT and 3rd PT
12:15- last therapy ends
12:40- pick Lynae up at the church
1pm- drive through Wendy's for lunch for the kids (not me...)
1:45- finish up supper and begin resting time
2:30- put shoes back on, get back in the car
3pm- pick up Kristopher form school
3:20- get everyone back in the house and ready for a little bit more resting time
4:00- Melani arrives for Speech Therapy
4:30- second ST session
5:00- 3rd ST session
5:30- ST ends for the day.
5:40- eat dinner
6:10- start getting kids in to pajamas
6:30- convince the rest of the kids they need pajamas
7- brush teeth, give meds (not in that order)
7:15:send the kids to BED
8pm- send Kris to bed
8:30- catch up with Michael on James
9pm- dishes and get Delaina settled for the night
10pm- pack for the hospital for a day or two
10:30- laundry
11pm- set clothes out for tomorrow

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  1. Loves this. VERY enlighting. i am the oldest of 10, soon to be 11.....and yes, this is what happens to us too.