Tuesday, October 02, 2012

We were having a behavior problem.

It was something I tried to extinguish over and over again, but nothing was working.  Several of the kids would dump out our toy bin (a Rubbermaid bin at this point because they’ve destroyed two other types of storage we’ve attempted ;)  ) and they would turn the bin upside down and bang on it.  Then, some of them started climbing under it, and the kids would bang on it with the kids under it, and even started sitting on it holding the child under.

NONE of this was ok!  Dumping every toy on the porch—not so good!  Banging on a bin, much less a bin with a child IN it—not so good!  Climbing under a bin to hide/be banged on—not so good! Holding another child down inside of an upturned bin—not so good!!!

I tried several different things, and eventually just took the bin away.  Then, there were just toys everywhere and I couldn’t do anything about it.  It got pretty annoying looking out in the play room and seeing all the toys out with really nowhere they COULD be put away


Until as Emma threw yet another toy across the room and I said “throw them IN HERE” and gave her the bin back.  Then Micah joined in.  I cheered for them, told them to keep it up, got excited that they were doing it, and guess what?

I just called out to the porch and said “clean up the toys!” because I heard banging. The bin is now full.  The floor is now empty.  Mom is a happy mom.

Who knew that their behavior of DUMPING and misusing the toy bin would be the behavior that led to them learning to independently clean the play room?? :)

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  1. I hate to tell you this but all of these behaviours are normal esp in my house..