Sunday, October 07, 2012

Nope, I didn't give up on blogging!

Things just got a little... crazy... here.  Surprised?? :)

Tuesday Michael came down with "something".  To the tune of a 102 fever!  He went to the doctor with instructions to tell the doctor that he has a 9 week old baby, 6 kids with special needs, and he was leaving on a business trip the next day and was going to be in a car with 6 other people for 8 hours each way to get to and from the conference for the rest of the week! LOL

He did... and the doctor found nothing wrong after blood work and a thorough symptom and physical exam. So, off he went on his trip Wednesday to Friday.

The trip would be why I hadn't blogged! :).  I was then solo-parenting for three days, which takes a certain amount of juggling with my crew.  Thankfully we made it through and were ready for Daddy to be home yesterday!

Saturday we got up and went to horse therapy, then came home and Mike laid down for the afternoon.  About an hour before dinner Mike was up and feeling pretty good.  He said he felt he was on the upward swing, and I left for an hour to get a microwave to replace the one we had that died last week.  By the time I got home he wasn't feeling well again, though!

I was back on my own on Saturday, though Michael was home, because we quarantined him back to our bedroom (even though he'd been around the kids for an hour).

During the day, James also came down with 101 fever!  So... I made it through the evening, baths, bed time, house work, then CRASHED, similar to my Friday night routine (though my sister came over and hung out, but I was asleep probably before she made it home! :)  ).

Today Michael went to the doctor again.  He has... PNEUMONIA!

So, I'm on my own a few days while he takes some heavy antibiotics and tries to kick this thing before it kicks him.  He's already had it for 5 days now.  James woke up with no fever and seems to be feeling fine today, however we've still quarantined him from the other kids too!  I really don't want to see what it looks like for this to go through our entire family!!

Now we're on to planning for the coming week, 2 doctor's appointments (including James so we'll get him checked out well even though it's a well visit) Monday, then 5 kids going to the doctor Tuesday, 3 to the dentist on Wednesday, and 2 to the cardiologist on Thursday!  Friday I have on my calendar that Kristopher has off of school, so hopefully everyone will be feeling better and we can make a fun three day weekend next weekend! :)

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